Digital Scanning Services

Here at Digital-Vistas, we use professional standard Canon scanners to scan
and digitise your colour slides, photographs and photographic negatives. We have a sufficient number of scanners, which means we can usually begin work immediately. You don`t have to wait weeks, like with some companies, for scanning to commence.

All scanned images are examined in a suitable Photoshop programme so that when they are presented on CD-Rom or DVD, they should be looking as good as the day the photographs were taken. Don`t worry if your colour slides are damaged, scratched or dirty. We can compensate for that.

Scanned images are saved at the highest resolution and lowest compression in jpg format, although it is just as easy to save them in other formats on request.


Colour Slides
1600 DPI 3200 DPI
1-500 20 per slide 1-500 22 per slide
500-1000 17 per slide 500-1000 19 per slide
1000+ 14 per slide 1000+ 16 per slide


We only scan strips of 35mm negatives now.

We no longer scan other formats such as 110, 120 or individual negatives.

Cost per scanned image 15p.

1-100 20p per image (up to A4 size)
100+ 10p per image

Photograph Restoration
£10.00 per hour

Return Postage

All discs are returned first class recorded delivery free of charge.
Customers can have multiple discs, if required, at no extra cost to them. 
We charge £3.50p for return of colour slides up to 600, and for all photographs
and negatives.
Digital-Vistas are happy to pay the return postage on all returns where the customer is paying £100 or over.
For bulkier returns, we use a reliable courier service

Prices are not subject to VAT. Payment should be made by cheque or by using the Internet banking method. We regret that we do not have credit card facilities.

Some new customers prefer to pay in advance, although we would be quite as happy to invoice after the work is completed.

Where a scanning job involves multiple discs, we would normally send each disc as it is completed, and invoice accordingly in order to spread payment over a period of time.


It would be appreciated if customers who are sending colour slides could have the colour slides facing the way one would look at them for scanning purposes. Slides are scanned in the order that they are presented in.

We would also like to make a suggestion to customers who have difficulty in finding a suitable container to send their colour slides in. Local shopkeepers throw out tons of cardboard boxes every week and would surely have something suitable.

If you are unsure about what services we offer, we would be happy to scan half a dozen slides or a strip of negatives for you free of charge, to show what results we can obtain.

Please feel free to telephone to discuss your requirements, or contact us by using the contacts page on the website.




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